Postcard from London

Back in June my boyfriend and I spent a weekend wandering, eating and soaking up the sun in London. And what a glorious weekend it was.


We spent most of our time in Covent Garden and Soho, both of which I absolutely love. The above flowers were in Covent Garden and were way too pretty to not take a photo of.
Gay Pride was on the day we arrived – which was mental. We watched the parade on Oxford Street and it was really quite incredible. Everyone was so happy and the atmosphere was just amazing – I mean just look at the photo below. How can rainbows in the air not make people happy?!


Of course, some normal touristy stuff was done during our visit. We went to the Natural History Museum which we were both quite excited about (umm, dinosaurs?). It is such an amazing building and really interesting to look around although it is quite old fashioned. If you’re looking for something fun and cheap to do in London I’d recommend it – admission is free!
On our final night in London we visited a rooftop bar near St Pauls and the views were pretty breathtaking. We were staying near St Pauls and I wish we had explored more of the area, there are some great shops, bars and restaurants that we missed out on.
The Food



 The Diner, Covent Garden.
I’d heard about the diner a lot before we went to London, so I wanted to try it when we were there. The fries were amazing, I think they were called the burger fries or something? As for the burgers, they was good but not anything special.
Homeslice, Covent Garden. 
Some of the best pizza I have ever eaten – and the staff were so so friendly! This picture doesn’t really do justice to how big is was… 20 inches and it took up almost the whole table. If you’re in the area, you have to go here even just for a slice.


The Breakfast Club, London Bridge
Now this was my favourite meal of the whole weekend. I was desperate to try The Breakfast Club after seeing so many pictures on Instagram of the marvellous-looking pancake stacks. And I was not disappointed – the pancakes with berries and vanilla cream is next level.


The Hummingbird Bakery, Portobello Road
Finally, we stopped by The Hummingbird Bakery before heading back to the airport. We were spoiled for choice in there – everything looked amazing. We settled on the rainbow cake because it is the prettiest of all cakes and also just a total blogger cliche. It is definitely too much for one person, but it was SO good.


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