The ‘Naked’ Makeup

Sorry for my absence of late, it’s been a crazy few weeks trying to get coursework done! However I am back, and here to show you all this make-up look I’ve been wearing a lot recently..
Nowadays in the beauty world the word ‘naked’ attached to any product just seems to make us all go crazy. Unlike many products using sex to sell *cough cough* benefit, soap & glory *cough cough*, the ‘naked’ phenomenon comes from our desire to look as natural as possible. Right?
Well I for one am on board! As much as I love experimenting with make-up, there is nothing I love more than the natural look. I always say that I would rather use 10000 products to make it look as if I have nothing on (but still look good) than have a face full of eyeliner and look fake. At least during the day!
So, now after that ramble, onto the products! As a base I love using CHANEL’s Blanc de Chanel, it’s a lovely brightening primer-like product which smells incredible and smooths out my skin. Next up, and yes I fell for the hype too, Revlon’s Nearly Naked Foundation. I love this stuff. It’s like a cheap, day-time NARS Sheer Glow. It gives the kind of coverage I like during the day and the finish is perfect: glowy but not overly dewy. Concealer-wise I’ve been loving Bobbi Brown’s Tinted Eye Brightener – moisturising underneath the eyes and just enough coverage to get rid of those dark circles! On the brows simply the Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper – need I say more?
And time for a holy grail product, yes I did just whip out the HG phrase. I’m planning on giving this a full individual review as it deserves one.. Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara. Now this little beauty got a lot of hype back in the day, I’m talking a good few years ago now, as I bought it first when I was around 14. However, on a whim during a hungover trip to Debenhams Beauty Hall, I decided to pick it up again. Now I remember why everyone loved it. It’s the one with the little spiky ball as the mascara wand, and it gives the most natural yet long, separated and beautiful lashes ever. I have been asked on a few occasions if I am wearing lash extensions when I wear this, it gives that kind of effect. But it’s not like my usual mascara choice of super curled, super black, doll eye lashes (L’oreal Telescopic I’m looking at you..). Like seriously, people, give this stuff a try!
Finally, and somewhat boringly, I used Vaseline Pink Bubbly. A cheap, cheerful tinted lip balm.
No blush, no bronzer, no eye-liner, no eye-shadow. It’s a timesaver and also a breath of fresh air in my product-heavy make-up routine. If only I could be happy wearing this little all the time…

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