How We Met (from both of our perspectives!)

how we met - valentines day
how we met - valentines day

So today’s post is going to be a little bit different, to celebrate Valentines Day. I’m going to be telling you the story of how I met my boyfriend, Max. But, Max is also going to tell you his side of the story of how we met. I thought it would be a cute little post to celebrate V Day!

I’m going to go first and then Max will be adding in his story after. We won’t read each other’s accounts before adding them into this post – so it should be quite interesting!

My Side of the Story

I met Max (properly) on the 5th of October, 2013. I was in my 2nd year of University and had just moved out into my own student flat a month before. Being out of my parent’s house meant that I had a lot more freedom and also meant that I was out quite a lot! The student halls I was in always had parties going on and that night there was one on the 8th floor.

Now, we have to rewind a bit here because I actually officially met Max 2 days before in a lecture. I was sitting with my friend Rachel and he was sitting in front of us. They were friends and so when I said something about joining the French society (lol) Max turned around and joined in the conversation. The funny thing was that afterwards, Rachel turned to me and said “That was Max – he’s probably going to try to fire into you now”. I didn’t even think anything of it, I just laughed!

Now, back to October the 5th. I had asked my friends Rachel and Kathryn to come to the flat party that night. We would have some drinks in my flat beforehand and then go up. However, they turned up with an extra guest in tow. The guest was Max.

So they came in and we all sat in my kitchen having a few drinks. At this point, I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t take much notice of Max in a romantic way. He had on a white shirt, jeans and a cream beanie hat. He seemed nice as well, and surprisingly English. That’s another important detail – Max’s name is actually Maxime and he is French, but he has an English accent!

However, we went to the flat party and it wasn’t that great. So we decided to go to one of Max’s friend’s flats for a while instead. We all ended up in a bedroom chatting for the rest of the night. Max and I were sitting next to each other on the bed and this is where things started to change.

It is gonna sound SO LAME but when we were sitting next to each other I could kinda feel a spark. It was so weird at the time, because I didn’t even know this guy! We were only just sitting beside each other – it wasn’t as if there was much touching. The only way that I can describe it is like electricity. Ok, I know that sounds so sad, but it’s true. It was attraction, but just not how I’d ever experienced it before.

My friends ordered a taxi home, but Max actually lived in the same student halls as me. So after they left, he offered to walk me home. I said yes. Now, ‘walking me home’ was just around the corner from where we were, so to this day I stand by that he was trying it on with me a bit by doing this! But as well, I did have this feeling that night that I had to walk home with him. I don’t mean that in a bad way, it was just this weird feeling like I was supposed to end up in that situation, almost like it was fate.

Now, I know how lame and weird that sounds. Honestly, I’m not exactly the biggest fan of slushy romance. But it is true! Now that we are 3 years into being together, I feel like I can safely say that is was fate too.

We ended up at my door and I kissed him on the cheek to say goodnight. He then pulled out quite possibly the cheesiest line ever: “oh in France, we kiss on the cheek 5 times” and so he kissed me on the cheek 5 times. It was after this barage of cheek kissing that we ended up actually kissing properly for the very first time.

So that is my side of the story for how we met. It is so weird, because at the time you don’t think that this random person you meet at a flat party will ever become such a big part of your life. But love can happen at any time guys – with the most unlikely people as well! It’s all rather slushy for me (I feel a little bit icky writing all this!) but it is Valentines Day so if you can’t say it now, when can you!

Max's Side of the Story

How did I meet my partner?

Now, if you ask this exact same question to my girlfriend Lynnsay Martin, I’m quite sure she will give you a version of the truth that makes her look great. As when it comes to the story of how we met we have very different opinions.

I believe the one bit that we agree on is the very first time we were properly introduced. It was early days during our second year at University. The month was still September if not October. I was sitting in a lecture theatre awaiting my International Business class to start when my good friend Rachel who was sitting behind me tapped on my shoulder. If I recall correctly this was a 9am lecture and therefore the caffeine in my Vanilla Latte (yes, I’ll admit that I did not particularly enjoy the taste of coffee when I was that young), had not yet entered my system. I think we can all agree that when the coffee isn’t flowing that early in the morning then you should not be expected to be aware of your surroundings.

Nevertheless, sitting behind me was my friend Rachel and low and behold, sitting next to her was the main character of the show @sartorialscot, known as Lynnsay Martin at the time. We must have maybe exchanged a total of 10 words at that time, where we briefly introduced ourselves and waved awkwardly as the class started.

Things only started to get interesting about a week later when we met again. First however let me set the scene. I was working at the time as a waiter in this beautiful cute French restaurant in Glasgow called Le Bistro Beaumartin. I had just done a 12 hour shift, my feet were hurting, I was tired and hungry and the only thing I wanted to do when I got home was get in bed and binge watch Game of Thrones.

My plans, however, took a very different turn, a turn that essentially changed my life as I knew it. Once I was home in my bed an unexpected knock at my front door occurred. Now before you jump to conclusions it was not Lynnsay, but my friend Rachel who I had mentioned earlier along with another good friend Kathryn.

They essentially gave me an ultimatum and ordered me to get out of bed and put a shirt on, we were going for some drinks at a flat round the corner. After I got changed we headed over to this flat where we were greeted by a drunken blonde girl. This was not Lynnsay, thank god, but her flatmate Sophie. Parts of the story here get a little less detailed unfortunately as this was second year of Uni and I used to drink more than I would handle back then.

Nevertheless I still remember exactly what Lynnsay was wearing. She had on black disco pants and a beautiful floral kimono jacket (I’m sure she’ll be able to find a photo to add to this post). A couple of drinks later and some small talk within the group, we decided to head to another party not too far away.

I knew that my friend Gonzalo was hosting his own party a couple of blocks down the street and we therefore decided we’d go join the shenanigans there. I think this is where Lynnsay and I’s story really hit off. The party was great and we eventually found ourselves in Gonzalo’s room along with Rachel and Kathryn. We were talking about everything and anything, probably throwing in a good amount of gossip for good measure. But at that moment Lynnsay and I’s hands softly touched while we were sitting on the bed. And it was at that moment that we realised something was there. Some form of mutual attraction was developing. As the early hours of the morning flew by we eventually decided to go home. Being the gentleman that I am I decided to walk her back to her building.

As we approached the exterior door of her building I was not expecting anything particular. I was not trying to pull any fancy moves to get back up to her flat. In my mind I was simply walking her to her door, maybe trying to get a kiss and go home. Once again remember I had a 12 hour shift that day and it was now around 3 or 4am. I was tired and ready to go to bed. As we got to the exterior door, I was expecting Lynnsay to turn around and say goodbye but she simply put the key in the door and held the door open inviting me in. I simply thought at this point I would walk her to her front door instead.

We exchanged a few words at the door and as we went for a goodbye hug I realised that she was looking at my lips as though she wanted to kiss me. I thought to myself “you idiot!! Why are you hugging her when she clearly wants you to kiss her?!”. I was back where the night had started with a beautiful girl who clearly fancied me and maybe wanted to take things further.

And then I did something I’m not particularly proud of. In order for me to have an excuse to go back in for a kiss I used the worst possible French line you could imagine. I said something along the lines of “In France, we kiss up to five times on the cheeks…”. And guys guess what, she bought it and after the fifth kiss on the cheek we embraced, kissed and had a passionate moment and the rest is history (and rated R).

Since then we’ve had our ups and down like any relationships has. She has given me so much love and happiness along the way that I simply want to close by saying: I love you darling and I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

As you can see, there are some discrepancies in the two stories. But isn’t that always the case?! I honestly loved writing this post and Max’s version of events did make me laugh quite a lot. I wonder why. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post and that you are having a wonderful Valentines Day, whatever you are doing!


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