Buongiorno Sardinia

My host family here in Corsica have a boat which offers cruises between Porto Vecchio & Sardinia and Bonifacio. I have been extremely lucky and been able to accompany them on the boat to help out a little bit and also to see a bit more of the region.
My first trip was to Sardinia, and the weather wasn’t perfect, but the day certainly was!




Corsica has possibly the most beautiful sea-water I’ve ever seen. It is a deep turquoise and looks like a swimming pool because it is so clear. Along with the mountains this makes the coast-line especially striking.




Maddalena (Sardinia) was a very quaint, relaxed town. I loved wandering around on my own, so excited at the fact that I was in Italy. And of course, the most important thing about Italy..
..Is the food. I had the best linguine frutta di mare, and in fact everyone on the boat (all 14 of us) ordered the exact same thing at the restaurant. Everyone spoke French and it was so interesting talking to the other people about where they came from and what they did. They also kindly bought me wine and made me force down the digestif Myrthe & Limoncello at the end of the meal!
Safe to say, it was the tipsy-est I had been on this trip.






We stopped off to swim various times during the trip but this place was my favourite. I swam out to the quiet little beach and just enjoyed the solitude (au pair life means you are constantly around your family).
The sea is one of my true loves, that’s for sure. There is nothing better than the feeling of jumping off a boat into crystal-clear waters, there is something almost cleansing about it.
Until the next adventure..


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