The Sunday Post | #4

31st March 2013

Happy Easter! I’m afraid I have no cute Easter-related pics this week.. 1. Because it has snowed/been freeeezing here for the past 2 weeks 2. I don’t really celebrate Easter 3. The only celebrating I’ll be doing is tonight, in a club.. I totally know the ‘true meaning’ of Easter right? So for this week’s […]

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The Sunday Post | #3

10th March 2013

So for this week’s Sunday Post I thought I’d do something a little different as it is mother’s day! Today I treated my mother to Afternoon Tea at Mar Hall (a rather swanky country estate in the West of Scotland) and it was rather lovely! I took a few snaps as it was such a […]

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The Sunday Post | #2

3rd March 2013

Happy Sunday people!   I always look forward to Sunday’s, not only for the intense beauty regime that it entails, but because it’s the only day of the week that I can actually chill out and relax! So here we have my little summary of the week, my pamper products and music I’m loving at […]

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Instagram | #2

13th February 2013

 Ice Skating in George Square  Glasgow’s Christmas Tree  On my way to London (alone eek!)  Afternoon tea  Christmas Day face  Best Boxing Day Sale ever…  Being Simba for a Ice Skating show New year in Ketchup  Buuuuurger  Amazing homemade White Praline hot choc  Getting ready..  Impromptu holiday  The health kick begins..  Health haul!  Do to […]

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The Sunday Post | #1

3rd February 2013

Hello there! This is a new little thing I’m trying out – I’m going to post every Sunday with some products I’m using for my weekly pamper, what I’ve been getting up to that week and what music I’m loving that week too. It’s going to be a bit of a mix of things that […]

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Guess what…

16th November 2012

I got a proper camera! You guys have no idea how happy this makes me, and also how much easier blogging is with a good DSLR! Sorry that I haven’t been posting anything for ages, but I have been very busy these past few weeks. I just got a new job, uni work has been […]

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Instagramming #1

9th October 2012

Thought I’d share a few of the pictures I put on Instagram lately! Add me –  lynnsaaay_                     1. Feeling pretty wintery 2. Making Apple Pie (it was sooo yummy) 3. With my friend before taking off for Paris 4. Katsu Curry all round at Wagamama’s […]

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