It’s time for VLOGMAS!

1st December 2015

…and a little throwback to Christmas time last year when I had super short blonde hair. How things change.    So I thought I’d let all you lovely people who follow this little blog that I will be doing Vlogmas this year over on my YouTube channel (find it here). If you don’t know what […]

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5 things I miss about the UK

24th November 2015

Oh hey look at a long-haired and very blonde me around 2 years ago! This was one of the only photos I could find of me being a proper British tourist (at Edinburgh Castle) and I thought it would suit this post quite well. Today I’m talking about what I miss about the UK. If […]

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ADVICE: Long Distance Relationships

7th November 2015

For those of you who don’t know, I am currently living in Canada for my exchange year at university and my boyfriend is back in Scotland completing his degree. Since moving out here, I am constantly being posed with the question: “Is it hard?”. For context – this isn’t the first time that we’ve had […]

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easter long-weekend

22nd April 2014

After a family dinner in Glasgow on Friday night, myself and my boyfriend spontaneously decided to spend the entire long-weekend back at my parents house in the country-side. It really was the best decision – the weather was beautiful and I ate so much food it was like a 2nd Christmas. After marathon cake-baking, huge […]

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This Week..

9th March 2014

This is a new little post I want to put up every Sunday just to summarise what I’ve been getting up to that week. This week was rather busy for me… On Monday night I went to see my favourite band – Bombay Bicycle Club (for the 5th time.. hehe). They were incredible as usual, […]

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Student Room Decor Tips

14th February 2014

I moved out from my parents house into student halls this year and let’s be honest, student accommodation isn’t the nicest place to stay! However, I’ve tried to make my room a bit more homely and add a touch of personality to it. I’ve seen a few pictures of people stacking magazines in their bedrooms […]

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Brunch & Vintage Shopping

15th January 2014

  With the stress of January exams over, the ensuing weeks before term beings again means only one thing: boredom. Stuck in my little student flat myself, there was only one thing to do.. Brunch and shopping of course. Getting up a lot earlier than I have been for the past few weeks (10am.. usually […]

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My Health Journey: Part 1

2nd June 2013

Hello all. I’ve been absent of late, it was a combination of exams and a tad of a lack of inspiration (quelle horreur!) but I’m back, and with something a little different. I don’t know about you, but everyone seems to be on a fitness kick recently. Well guess what, I am too! It all […]

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