The perfect summer sleepwear

Summer sleepwear - what to wear to bed in the summer
Summer sleepwear - what to wear to bed in the summer

I don’t know about you guys, but in the summer months when the temperature is a lot higher I really struggle to sleep at night. British houses are normally built to keep heat in, not out, so my bedroom is always like a furnace by the end of the day! Therefore, I think it’s very important to wear the right fabrics to sleep – so I thought I’d share my summer sleepwear recommendations with you today.

I am a big pyjama lover – I buy more nightwear than normal clothes at times, because I spend a lot of my life in them! Think of it this way – if we spend roughly 8 hours of our day sleeping, shouldn’t we invest in what we wear to bed?

Summer sleepwear - what to wear to bed in the summer
Summer sleepwear

Choosing the right fabrics

When it comes to choosing the right summer sleepwear, the first thing I’d recommend looking at is fabrics. You want breathable, cool fabrics like cotton or linen that will be comfortable to wear on hot, sticky nights.

Marks and Spencer have a great selection of pure cotton pyjamas, which are quite affordable too. If you are looking for more of a luxurious set, The White Company have the most gorgeous cotton pyjamas. The set I’m wearing in the above photos is from there, and while they are the most expensive pyjamas I’ve ever bought, they are so comfortable and keep me cool when I’m sleeping.

Long or short?

I feel like the go-to choice for pyjamas in the summer are shorts with a camisole top, however I personally find that style quite unfortable. Shorts always seem to ride up in bed for me! So I prefer longer styles, but choose cool fabrics and make sure they are a loose fit.

If you choose the right fabric and style, long pyjamas can be just as cooling as barely-there styles. Plus, they are a lot more comfortable for lounging around in!

The right accessories

With summer comes heat, but also a lot of sunlight! Even with blinds and curtains, brighter mornings mean that a lot of light can get into the bedroom and affect your sleep. I know that I wake up far earlier when the bedroom is bright!

Something that really helps me is wearing a sleep mask overnight. It can be hard to get used to at first, but as long as the band isn’t too tight they are quite comfortable. It means you get an undisturbed sleep from any light sources and you’ll look like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s in the process!

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So those are my recommendations for choosing the perfect summer sleepwear! I hope you’ve found this useful and have comfortable, cool sleeps for the rest of the warmer months!

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