The Satchel

This is a very, very special purchase for me. I love that old, scholarly style – like satchels, tweed jackets, tall boots. It’s quite hard to explain, but really I just love looking like a bit of a geek sometimes. So this beautiful little thing seemed like the perfect bag to take to uni. After all, it is the like the original school bag.




If you hadn’t already guessed, I got it from the Cambridge Satchel Company. Mine is “The Classic” 15″ in Dark Brown with Gold Embossing, which I thought was such a nice touch (for an extra £5 per letter, no less). Overall, I am really really impressed. The quality is great: the leather is thick, durable, smooth and luxurious-looking. It fits my laptop (13″ macbook air) and a notepad with quite a lot of room left, as well as my purse, umbrella and other boring things like that. It really is ideal for going to university, and it isn’t too heavy to carry around either. Also, it looks amazing!

It cost £94 (with the embossing) and free shipping! Which I think is alright for a good quality, leather bag which is handmade in England (I’m all for supporting businesses within the UK!).

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