Sunday Night Beauty Ritual

Is it just me who likes a good old pamper on a Sunday night? There is just something about lighting a few candles, running a bath and giving your skin an overhaul before the start of the new week.

So I thought I’d share some pictures of the products that I use to treat myself!



Just a picture I instagramed of my bath! Add me – lynnsaaay_ 




So first of all, I ran myself a bath with a Lush Bubble Bar – The Yuzuru and Coco Bubbleroon. It smells gorge – like coco butter and vanilla (to me at least, not sure what is really in it!) and it made the water really soft and nourishing on my skin. And it did actually make some bubbles! I also lit some candles and turned out the lights in the bathroom – I felt just so relaxed!
Next up, I used my Phyto detoxifying shampoo. This product has changed my life!! I washed my hair on sunday night and it is now Tuesday evening and my hair still feels clean and light and volumised (with the help of a little bit of batiste on the fringe area… but for a super oily haired girl like me, this is amazing!). I have done a full review of it here.
After washing my hair I applied the San Tropez Gradual Tanner – a sample I got with ELLE magazine months ago! It was really easy to apply, and the colour is really natural looking. I only applied one coat and have left it until today and the colour is still really nice. I’m not one for dark fake tan (I’m quite sallow skinned so orange isn’t a good look on me – it’s all about the olive tone honeys!) so this suits me quite well!
Then it was facial time! I used the Soap and Glory The Fab Pore Facial Peel (which doesn’t actually peel off of your skin btw..) which is a great mask for really cleaning out the pores and getting rid of all the dirt and grime that mounts up in your skin over the week! After I used the Guinot Biological Peeling Radiance Gel (again, does not peel off of your skin! such silly names..). Guinot is a really great spa brand that my local beauticians use, and I love the products. This mask is great for restoring a glow to my skin and reviving it after the smog, smoke and stress of the city during the week. And finally, I used the Guinot Instant Eye Mask which is a really moisturising mask for the under eyes. Does what it says on the tin.
Nails Nails Nails. I am obsessed with Essie these days. I bought my first polish 2 months ago and now I have aquired 9. Yes, 9!! This time it was the turn of the classic shade, Ballet Slippers a beautiful sheer milky pink that I personally think makes my nails look quite mature and sophisticated. I always use these two Sally Hansen base and top coats – the Mega Shine is amazing! Makes my manicure literally last a week with no chips!
So, that is all for my pampering night. Pretty long post, but I love reading these sorts of things so hey ho!


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